Welcome to our bake shop,

where things are happy, nutritious and delicious! Our passion is to provide natural and wholesome creations for people to indulge in. We need more and better (not less and worse) quality and nutrition in our diets. Not only is everything in our lineup totally GLUTEN FREE; we have dairy free, vegan, refined sugar free, egg free, nut free and soy free options. Please don’t let that scare any of you dairy or gluten eaters away; we want everyone to enjoy our baked goods and treats because they are made with all natural and fresh ingredients…plus, you won’t be able to tell a difference!

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Our mission is to bake nutritious allergy free desserts and treats with the most natural (NON-GMO) and healthy ingredients possible to ensure each item is healthful and affordable, without compromising any flavor.

Our vision comes down to four main things; allergy free, all things natural, stewardship and God. We will always produce our products in a dedicated gluten free facility where we can offer a variety of alternatives to those who are living without, or for those who just plain want to eat a treat without the junk. (Diabetics are in luck as well!) Our vision has been and always will be God as our leader. He opens the doors we walk through and because He is so generous and gracious, we are able to do what we do. Our promise is to be good stewards of this business and what He has provided for us.

We are a mother/daughter team! Aggie (mom) has been baking and cooking ‘healthy’ for years. I remember her always changing recipes, trying to include the most fiber and nutrition, making her creations as healthy as possible. My friends used to come over and even ask her for vitamins! Because her garden was also a high priority, eating clean and wholesome was important and enjoyable for our entire family… and friends, too!

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Due to a string of diabetes in her husband’s (dad’s) side of the family, Aggie learned how to bake desserts for people with health concerns, especially diabetes. She must give credit to a close friend who at the time was using lower glycemic nut flours, introducing Aggie to a new world full of alternatives.

Aggie is allergic to gluten (she found this out after several years of stomach issues) and it was just plain tough to find something gluten free, tasty and nutritious all in one. Life without dessert was simply not an option for her or any of our family members! She’s hard at it in her kitchen, perfecting the ‘healthiest’ options for us gluten free and conscientious eaters.

I’m Rebecca, Aggie’s daughter. Naturally, I’m interested in being as healthy as possible. (perhaps that came from a lack of junk food in the house growing up!) Don’t get me wrong, I love to indulge and could probably live off of lattes if my body let me. I do love to eat healthy (gluten free!) and stay active; whether it’s working out, working in the business, or working around the house. I’m a wife to my dearest and a mommy to a toddler. Things can get a little crazy at times, but crazy is fun, and mom and I are having a blast launching this business together.

We are not on the gluten free fad. We simply want to make wholesome, natural treats for people to enjoy, without compromising good taste. It’s hard enough to find something sweet to eat without refined sugar and flour, and even harder to find something with any nutritional value. It just so happens, due to our families own dietary restrictions, what we’re doing is also gluten free… even better!

We hope to see you soon. Aggie and I (and of course our treats) are excited to meet you!


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