We are 100% gluten free! We track all of our ingredients to ensure they are processed in a gluten free facility. We always buy the purest, most natural ingredients – all others are simply not welcomed in our bakery!

All of our flours are NON-GMO. A GMO is a genetically modified organism (also called “genetically engineered”): a plant, animal, or microorganism that is created by means that overcome natural boundaries. Genetic engineering involves crossing species that could not breed in nature. Enough said; we do not use them!!!

We use a wide variety of flours, from almond to rice to sorghum, quinoa to coconut. Obviously, we love to use the most nutritional, but a few of our recipes are good with plain ol’ rice or tapioca. However, we typically blend flours for the best textures and flavors!



Another thing we love is ORGANIC. Organic ingredients are the highest in quality and we use as many as we can. We take price and season into consideration when deciding on organic ingredients.

We only use CAGE FREE EGGS!

A lot of our desserts are sweetened with agave nectar, a lower-glycemic syrup. To be honest, it’s one of our favorites! The glycemic index (GI) ranks foods according to how quickly they are processed into glucose in the body; the lower the GI, the more slowly the food is processed and the less dramatic the fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin levels. Please look up agave nectar to find out more!

We also use coconut palm sugar as another lower glycemic sweetener to agave nectar. Palm sugar is a nutrient-rich, lower-glycemic crystalline sweetener that looks and tastes, dissolves and melts almost exactly like sugar. It’s completely natural and unrefined.

With diabetes running in our family, we love to use the lower glycemic sweeteners in our products in hopes to provide the best alternatives for those with diabetes and similar health related issues. Check out our menu for the desserts in this category. Doesn’t it feel good to enjoy sweets again?


When using sugar based ingredients, we at times need to use evaporated cane juice for the texture other sugars don’t provide. It is not processed as refined sugar is, therefore more nutrients are retained.

We happily use extra virgin organic coconut oil. This oil, when taken regularly, is easily digested and high in lauric acid. Studies indicate it can help kill bacteria and yeast, promote healthy heart function, regulate cholesterol levels, fight viral infections and boost metabolism.

Because of the AMAZING health benefits, we do use nuts in our facility!! We take necessary precautions to prevent any cross contamination because we understand the severity of these allergies. Please let us know when you order if you have a nut allergy. We can eliminate nuts, unless of course, the treat is made with almond flour. Some of our suppliers are not 100% nut free.

The only place you’ll find soy in our products is a select few frostings and chocolate chips. We use a variety of chips in our bakery, some with soy and some without. If you have an allergy to soy (or any other ingredient), contact us to see if we can eliminate something for you!

Although we try, we are not able to accommodate every allergy. Ultimately, it is the consumer’s responsibility to check all ingredients to ensure a safe indulgence.

Bottom line, whether you are diabetic, gluten intolerant, dairy free or simply want healthier alternatives to traditional baked goods, Happy Bellies Bake Shop offers our customers a more nutritious way to indulge!