Take n Bake Info

Take n Bake Cookies

Thaw dough: in fridge for 24 hours and allowing to rest at room temp for 1-2 hours is best. If in more of a hurry, microwave uncovered tub for about 30-45 seconds.

Preheat oven to 350: ovens vary, adjust accordingly

Ball dough: to portion, you can use an ice cream scoop. Using your hands to roll the dough works great. If it seems too crumbly, the dough may be too cold.

Space on well-greased or parchment covered pan. (see info below)

Place in the middle to upper rack of oven.

Cool on pan.

Enjoy! (store in air tight container or freeze)

Cookie Guide

Monster, flatten ½ way, 12-15 minutes

Snickerdoodle, flatten about ½ way, 10-12 minutes

Chocolate Chip, do not flatten, 10-13 minutes

Molasses, flatten ½ way, 7-10 minutes

Double Chocolate, flatten ½ way, 8-10 minutes

Vegan Chocolate Chip, flatten ½ way, 11-14 minutes

Sugar, flatten 1/2-3/4, 9-11 minutes

Cut out dough – roll with gluten free flour as needed, to desired thickness, bake at 350 for about 7-10 minutes or until golden brown.

*For crispier cookies, flatten more. For softer, flatten less.

*Roll snickerdoodle in a mix of cinnamon/sugar or try other fun spices.

*Snickerdoodle or sugar works great as a fruit pizza crust!

*Roll molasses and sugar cookies in sugar before pressing down.

Take n Bake Biscuits

Bake completely thawed biscuits in preheated oven at 425 for 10-13 minutes, or until golden brown. If frozen, consider warming in microwave for 30-60 seconds before baking.

Take n Bake Pizza Crust

Preheat oven to 425°. Ovens vary, adjust accordingly.

Add desired sauce & toppings.

Bake 12-15 minutes: place pizza directly on rack, sheet pan, or pizza stone.

*For crispier crust bake on rack in middle to lower oven.

*For softer crust bake on sheet in upper oven.

*Top with only cheese & create your own dippers!

Bake 10-13 minutes.

Take n Bake Pie Crust

Bake according to the pie recipe you are following