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2107 N. Richmond St, Appleton, WI  |  920-730-2253

2107 N. Richmond St, Appleton, WI | 920-730-2253

Wednesday – Saturday: 7am – 2pm

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 7am – 2pm


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We hope we’ve compiled a complete list of answers to any questions you may have, but if you’re wondering about something not covered here, please feel free to give us a call or send us a message and we’d be happy to get you answers!

Is everything gluten free?

Yes! Happy Bellies® is a 100% gluten-free facility. We also have egg, dairy, and vegan options. Follow our fun and easy color-coding system at our shop, and remember…EVERYTHING is gluten free!

BLUE: Dairy Free

ORange: egg free

yelllow: dairy and egg free

Do you have anything that is tree nut, peanut, (or any nut for that matter!) free?

We have tons of yummy baked goods that are nut-free. However, we do use nuts here in our kitchen! We are very careful, but cannot 100% guarantee a completely nut-free product. (P.S. We do use coconut oil!)

do you have anything that is sugar free?

We don’t have anything completely sugar free. However, we do have items that are refined sugar free. These baked goods use natural sweeteners, such as organic coconut sugar, maple syrup, locally made raw honey, and organic agave.

what do you have that’s grain free?

Aggie is passionate about creating more grain free options and is always experimenting in our kitchen. Grain-free items are made with mostly almond flour, blending in some coconut and quinoa flour as well. These baked goods are sweetened with refined sugar free sweeteners. Some of our most popular grain free delights are the scones, brownies, and cookies. Options are continuing to expand! Look for the little green “grain free” sticker when you come by the shop!

do you have any vegan options?

Oh, yes! Anything with the yellow tag is egg and dairy free, but watch out! As noted on the label, some of these items contain honey as a natural sweetener. All of our donuts and a variety of cupcakes, bars, and cookies are vegan friendly.

do you have any items that are dairy free?

We most certainly do. All of our donuts and many of our cupcakes, muffins, and cookies are dairy free. Just look for the blue and yellow tags.

do you have any items that are egg free?

Yes, we do! All of our donuts and a variety of bars, cookies, and cupcakes (just to name a few!) are egg free. When you come in to the shop, look for anything with an orange or yellow tag and you will be good to go.

do you have any items that are soy free?

Absolutely! All of our products are soy free, but the all natural sprinkles and normal-sized regular (not dark) chocolate chips have soy lecithin in them.

i have too many allergies to count! do you have anything i can eat?

Let’s find out! Come by the shop and let us know which sort of baked goods you’re interested in and the allergies you have. We’ll help you find something (hopefully!).

when is the best time to place a pre-order?

The earlier the better! Ideally, orders should be placed at least 3 days before the pick-up date.

do you make any theme cakes?

We can certainly try our best to match colors and shapes with your desired themes, but we keep our cake decorations fairly simple, if you will. This is because our all-natural food coloring and sprinkles are not as vibrant as artificial coloring, our frosting is not as firm as buttercream and we do not use fondant. We stick to flowers, boarders, and simple shapes. (i.e. crosses for baptisms, stars, patterns). You are more than welcome to bring in little figures or candles to the shop and we’d be happy to put them on your cake. Or feel free to jazz up your cake at home with some fun toys or cake tops to match your theme!
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